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2023-2024 Legislative Priorities &
Co-Sponsored Bills

Dog in Nature

Environmental Protection & Animal Welfare

This session, Rep. Galvin has made it a priority to co-sponsor legislation that strengthens protections for animals and the natural environment. With his fellow representatives, Rep. Galvin seeks to make Massachusetts a more climate-resilient, energy-efficient leader in the fight against Climate Change. In the district and beyond, Rep. Galvin also understands the collective responsibility we have as caretakers of our environment and all its inhabitants--from pet dogs to honeybees.

Below is a list of relevant bills that Rep. Galvin has co-sponsored this session:

  • H1865 - An Act relative to a just transition to clean energy

  • H843 - An Act to protect pollinator habitat

  • H3232 - An Act establishing a zero carbon renovation fund

  • H1718 - An Act relative to the humane protection of animals

  • H881 - An Act to establish a mattress recycling program in the Commonwealth

  • H2019 - An Act to increase kennel safety, aka Ollie’s Law

  • H850 - An Act concerning the use of animals in product testing

  • H826 - An Act banning the retail sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in new pet shops

Public Health

Rep. Galvin has always sought to secure better health services and raise living standards for Massachusetts residents through the legislature. During this session, he has co-sponsored numerous bills that aim to improve upon our robust public health infrastructure.

Below is a list of relevant bills that Rep. Galvin has co-sponsored this session:

  • H2197 - An Act to protect Massachusetts public health from PFAS

  • H2163 - An Act relative to postpartum depression screenings

  • H1981 - An Act relative to preventing overdose deaths and increasing access to treatment

  • H2245 - An Act to strengthen the direct care and dementia workforce

  • H4178 - An Act to improve quality and oversight of long-term care

  • H2196 - An Act promoting patient safety and equitable access to care

  • H2178 - An Act to strengthen our public health infrastructure to address Alzheimer’s and all dementia

  • H2221 - An Act improving health care for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism

  • H3606 - An Act relative to health care transparency

Supportive Doctor
Construction site

Job Growth & Workplace Standards

The success of our state's economy greatly depends on the happiness and well-being of our workforce. No person should ever feel mistreated or unsafe in their employment - no exceptions. Rep. Galvin is working to codify much-needed changes and improvements across all industries to secure better wages and working standards. He knows that achieving economic prosperity and job growth starts with making Massachusetts the best place to work.

Below is a list of relevant bills that Rep. Galvin has co-sponsored this session:

  • H3161 - An Act strengthening Massachusetts as the national leader in offshore wind

  • H1864 - An Act relative to clean energy workforce standards and accountability

  • H2353 - An Act relative to the equality of wage and recruitment of the Massachusetts State Police

  • H2339 - An Act relative to the reduction of certain toxic chemicals in firefighter personal protective equipment

  • H2497 - An Act relative to the retirement benefits of certain employees of the Department of Mental Health

  • H1878 - An Act protecting warehouse workers

  • H2630 - An Act relative to benefits for teachers

  • H1868 - An Act to prevent wage theft, promote employer accountability, and enhance public enforcement

  • H1943 - An Act relative to compliance with the prevailing wage laws of the Commonwealth


Rep. Galvin is committed to fully funding all public schools to ensure children across the Commonwealth receive a high-quality education. Rep. Galvin is also working to improve access to early education and affordable post-secondary options. 

Below is a list of relevant bills that Rep. Galvin has co-sponsored this session:

  • H3691 - An Act relative to healthy and sustainable schools

  • H1285 - An Act establishing a fund to further educational opportunities for caregivers to adults with disabilities

  • H495 - An Act empowering students and schools to thrive

  • H489 - An Act providing affordable and accessible high-quality early education and care to promote child development and wellbeing

  • H603 - An Act relative to universal school meals

  • H529 - An Act relative to celebrating and teaching Native American culture and history

  • H3045 - An Act prohibiting license revocation for student loan default

  • H214 - An Act relative to a loan repayment program for human services workers

Quality Time

Families, Children, & Seniors

One of Rep. Galvin's main objectives in the State House is to champion legislation that aids and protects the most vulnerable members of our communities. Through family tax credits, stronger retiree benefits, and robust health care for the youngest and oldest of us, Rep. Galvin hopes to make a difference for families in Canton, Stoughton, Avon, and the rest of the state. 

Below is a list of relevant bills that Rep. Galvin has co-sponsored this session:

  • H144 - An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty

  • H2974 - An Act relative to senior property tax deferral

  • H2932 - An Act to establish the family caregiving tax credit

  • H4275 - An Act to provide increased access to hearing aids

  • H615 - An Act to ensure the quality of care in nursing homes

  • H2218 - An Act relative to newborn screenings for congenital cytomegalovirus

  • H2505 - An Act to provide fair and affordable public retiree benefits

  • H1232 - An Act relative to family members serving as caregivers

  • H649 - An Act to improve Massachusetts home care

  • H180 - An Act regarding the use of aversive therapy

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