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March 2021

  • The Legislature recently approved H73, An Act further providing for voting by mail.  This legislation will extend mail-in voting to June to allow municipalities to use the system that was in place for the autumn for the upcoming local spring elections. Representative Galvin was pleased this bill made it to the Governor's desk and was proud to co-sponsor this bill. 

  • The House passed H89, which is a COVID-19 economic relief bill. The bill:

  1. Waives penalties for individuals who cannot pay taxes on UI received in 2020;​

  2. Prevents UI rate increases in 2021 and 2022;

  3. Provides extra assistance to unemployed workers whose income has fallen 200% below the poverty line;

  4. Forgiven PPP loans will not count as taxable gross income for small businesses;

  5. Guarantees workers who are infected or quarantined will receive paid sick time. 

  • Although not a legislative action, the state recently enacted regulations regarding pesticides called neonicotinoids. These pesticides have decimated the bee population in Massachusetts, which is terrible for farmers, gardeners, and our environment. The ban is based on legislation that Representative Galvin has supported over the last few legislative sessions.

  • The climate change bill (S9) was overwhelmingly approved by the House and Senate, but was vetoed in part by the governor. The bill is again before the House and Senate for consideration. ​



  • You can watch legislative sessions and hearings live by visiting the Legislature's website HERE

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